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Loch Ness Productions is an innovative company that features the talents of two talented and creative people whose passion is communicating astronomy and space science news to the public.

It was started in 1977 by Mark C. Petersen, then the Composer-in-Residence at Boulder's Fiske Planetarium. Many pleased planetarium patrons came up to the console after the shows, asking where they could obtain the music they had heard during the programs. Since it was original music composed just for the shows, Mark noted the most-requested selections, and released the first of the Geodesium series of albums.

Over the years, Loch Ness Productions has added other multimedia production materials to its catalog of products, many of them written by Carolyn Collins Petersen, an award-winning science writer specializing in astronomy and space science. Production of planetarium shows began in 1980. Since that time, Loch Ness Productions has produced and distributed more than a dozen of its own shows in classical and fulldome video formats. In 2009, the company began distribution of selected fulldome programs and software created by others in the fulldome community.

Since its founding, Loch Ness Productions is pleased to count more than 2,300 customers in the U.S. and 60 other countries who have purchased programs, images, music, or software.

Today, Loch Ness Productions is focused on creating and distributing digital multimedia products for fulldome theaters, along with content development and creation for museum exhibits.