Light Years From Andromeda
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Narrated by Michael Dorn
Worf of Star Trek movies and TV

Light Years From Andromeda

A journey between two galaxies spans human history — and reveals the secrets of the cosmos!

Light Years From Andromeda is a story of cosmic distances, and humanity's quest to understand the universe. Take a journey of epic proportions across space and time!

Cave dweller observersA beam of light leaves the Andromeda Galaxy and travels across the void of intergalactic space. On a planet located in a nearby galaxy, intelligent life evolves. As the light speeds across the light years, over the course of centuries, the primitives on the planet form cultures and civilizations — and begin to wonder about the universe surrounding them.

Their awareness of the night sky increases, as the beam of light draws nearer to their planet. When the light reaches the Earth, some of the descendants of the early hunters have just escaped the bonds of their world's gravity, and visited the Moon.

Lunar laser rangingIn modern times, scientific study of space help the planet's current inhabitants to understand the properties of light, and the ways that understanding shapes our further knowledge of the universe.

Light Years From Andromeda teaches the concepts of light speed, the light year and how astronomers use them to measure distances to some familiar celestial objects — the Moon, the Sun, the planets, nearby stars, and galaxies.

Early cosmosThe show briefly touches on the properties of light that help determine a star's age and temperature, and gives a fascinating look at how light and distance allow us to "look back" further in time as we gaze farther into space.

Miles or kilometers? You get both!

Light Years From Andromeda defines and discusses speeds — of light and sound, and distances — around the Earth, from the Earth to the Moon, Sun, etc. Naturally we have to use some form of measurement. So for this show, there are two soundtracks on the CD: one that uses miles, the other kilometers, along with two versions of their accompanying text/graphics images. This way you can choose whichever is most appropriate for your audiences.

Running time: 30:02
Age level: General public
Year of production: 1980, 1997, 2009
Narrated by Michael Dorn
Words expertly crafted by Carolyn Collins Petersen
Stereo soundtrack with original music by Geodesium

Light Years from Andromeda focuses on light, with light, the concept of light speed, and the distance measurement unit of the light-year all as tools of astronomical exploration. These concepts are woven together along with historical and cultural perceptions of the sky and help relate the information presented in the show to the lives of students, families, and the general public.

Show content is relevant in the following subject areas:

Earth and Space Sciences:
  • objects in the sky: Sun, Moon, stars, planets, galaxies, quasars, interstellar medium
  • properties of stars
  • creation of the universe (the Big Bang)

Physical Science:
  • light, light speed, light-year as a measurement unit
  • light as a probe of stellar properties

Science as a human endeavor:
  • early maps of the sky
  • rise of scientific exploration of the universe
  • missions to the Moon, solar system probes
  • development of the modern science of astronomy
  • early human history, cultures, and perceptions of the sky
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