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Stellar Collections

In this 2001 release, Mark blends more than 26 compositions from the best of his planetarium soundtrack work over the past two decades.

Avid Geodesium fans may recognize some familiar themes among the works comprising this thought-provoking retrospective album; four tracks revisit selections from Anasazi and Fourth Universe, but this time in richer, more complex and satisfying detail.

Both the up-tempo star flights as well as the floating journeys into deep space nebulosities that are the hallmarks of the Geodesium style are represented in this 62-minute, must-have disc!

The first commercial pressing of the CD sold out years ago. Now, the professionally-replicated CD-R is provided in a poly-wrapped jewel case; its full-color booklet, tray card and disc labeling are basically identical to the 2001 original.

1. Winter Sunrise Cold wind and piano chords over a repeated, anticipatory bass; builds to a flourishing, grandiose orchestral sunrise climax.
2. The Andromeda Collection
2.1 Further Back In Time Even, hypnotic, sentimental, reflective, drifting yet progressing.
2.2 Stellar Collections Expansive, echoing, deep vocal chord sweeps and arpeggios; heavenly.
2.3 The Enormity of Distances Deliberate, meditative, solemn, graceful ballet.
3. Perceptions Up-tempo, bubbly synth and dramatic bass strokes over galloping rhythms and choral washes, optimistic and positive.
4. The Voyager Collection
4.1 Jovian Moons Eerie, supernatural, strong bass notes, with echoing percussion, dramatic bass strokes, string tremolandi and voices.
4.2 Great Dark Spot Ceremonial, processional. Noble grand piano, floating voices, expressive bass strokes and percussion.
4.3 Traveler's Tales Synth arpeggios and moving choral chords; vibrant, exciting, uplifting.
4.4 Great Red Spot Ricocheting, pursuit, fast, newsy, with majestic bass strokes, cymbal swells, string tremolandi and voices.
5. The Distant Worlds Collection
5.1 Charon Modal feel, choral bends, windy, eerie, barren, reedy melody, even.
5.2 Caloris Basin Mysterious, searing heat, floating.
5.3 Europa Dark, cool, echoing, bass sweeps and chimes with round sounds.
5.4 Miranda High bell tones, swelling string arpeggios, bass chimes; icy, solemn.
5.5 Triton Desolate orchestral and flute chords, vast, cold, reverent.
6. Laser Bounce Happy, cheerful, bounding, echo-y, techno, with light drums and glissando sweeps.
7. The MarsQuest Collection
7.1 Martian Mysteries Mysterious flute plays primitive rhythms over a strong bass line.
7.2 Skywatcher Lonely flute floats over coolly even Rhodes rhythm.
7.3 Mariner Bouncy synth arpeggio sequence with uptempo drums, bass tones and floating voices.
7.4 Pathfinder Modern, positive synth arpeggios, bass tones and choral voices.
7.5 Between Planets Mellifluous cello melody in minor counterpoint with choir in major. Pretty, even, constant, rich.
7.6 Antarctica Cold wind and shimmering crystalline tones.
7.7 Life Rock Resonant, liquid, metallic, ringing effect.
7.8 Desert Planet Mysterious chords and choir
7.9 Haughton Crater Rich, mellifluous, searching ascending synth with antiphonal bell tones.
7.10 On Orbit Sonorous, dignified orchestral bass melody; leads to an orchestral peak, suggesting great achievement. Grand, solemn, positive.
7.11 Red Planet Rhapsody Desolate, abandoned, hauntingly beautiful. Ends with hopeful feel — contemplative, thoughtful.