LNP Dome Theater Compendium LNP Dome Theater Compendium

A comprehensive directory of the world's planetarium and digital dome theaters! And we update it every so often, so you can continually give us your money.

VLCWarper screen VLCWarper

VLC media player now warps fisheye movies "on the fly" for spherical mirror systems. For Windows or Mac.

IMGWarper for Windows logo IMGWarper for Windows

Pre-warp fisheye image frames for use in spherical-mirror movie making.

DomeXF DomeXF After Effects Plug-in for Windows

Sky-Skan's DomeXF transforms 2-D imagery to a virtual dome space, adjusting for dome curvature, allowing you to output dome masters from Adobe After Effects.

Star*Lines for Digital Theaters Star*Lines For Digital Theaters

Our own famous constellation artwork, now available for digital planetarium display.