Loch Ness Productions provides shows, software, space music, and production tools for fulldome and classic planetarium theater facilities.

Fulldome Show Licenses

License the popular programs we created ourselves, as well as a select collection from other well-known producers.

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Besides these feature-length shows, you'll find a BONUS! Specials and Shorts collection.

We also offer our innovative streaming rental services, FULLDOME OnDemand and VR Dome Theater to provide cost-effective methods to access these fine fulldome shows in other ways besides traditional licenses.


Offerings include a detailed compendium of the world's domed theaters, specialized tools for fulldome show creation and playback, and a complete collection of specialty constellation artwork for digital theaters.

LNP Dome Theater Compendium

VLCWarper for Windows

IMGWarper for Windows

DomeXF After Effects Plug-in for Windows

Star*Lines for Digital Theaters


Our Geodesium albums have been described as "true planetarium space music" and "space music with hooks". They're available as consumer retail discs — and also for resale in stores and giftshops. And we provide links to the usual online sources, so you can download tracks and albums.

We also offer more than 18 hours of our specialty music, as an annotated production music library.

Geodesium albums


Legacy / Classic

While much of the planetarium world has moved into fulldome, we continue to provide support for our colleagues in classic planetarium facilities.

Planetarium Shows