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Music from SpacePark360

Rockin' head-trip tracks from the fulldome eXtreme eXperience!

Geodesium fans, beware! This is NOT your father's space music!

In Music from SpacePark360, Geodesium takes you on a wild ride — with elements of acid, house, techno, trance, electronica, and flat-out kick-butt rock — cranking up the tempo to create eleven sonic blasts. It's a delirious auditory thrill ride of epic proportions, a headlong cosmic rush to the planetary hot spots of the solar system.

Music from SpacePark360 is unlike the planetarium space music you've heard on previous albums. Sure, hard-core Geodesium fans may recognize some familiar sounds emanating the synthesizer racks. But, you can turn the amp up to 11, and dance and wail on your air guitar to these driving beats.

This energetic music comes from the fulldome thrill-ride project we worked on with Dome3D, now playing as SpacePark360: Geodesium Edition at finer dome theaters around the world. Music from SpacePark360 features a mix without all the roller coaster sound effects, and with an ear for what makes sense musically reigning supreme over matching the visual hit points.

Prepare for exhilaration!

The commercially-pressed CD is provided in a shrink-wrapped jewel case, with full-color cover, tray card and disc labeling.

1. Transport Deep space chords accompany the throbbing onboard engines as you board to begin your adventure.
2. Lobate's Scarp Easing you into the barren desolation of Sun-scorched Mercury with an echoing urban solo torn from the strings of a heavy metal guitar.
3. V-Spot Tornado A blast of industrial steampunk and a pounding, wailing rock combo overheating their amp's tubes to evoke tortuous Venusian storms.
4. Earth Analog Swoop down and around the terrain of our home planet; race through the mountains and soar into the stratosphere.
5. Trans-Ares Express A most amazing blazing train trip across the Red Planet. All aboard!
6. Europan Ice Who know what evils lurk within the frozen moon of Jupiter? A sinuous melody and Euro-pop flavorings await the adventurous!
7. Titanical Gas A rush of rhythms, a lake of frozen methane; what's not to love?
8. RingSurfer A constant barrage of drums permeates the crowded space around the seventh planet, as you chill and kick back a ring particle or two!
9. Depth Perceptions A popular tune from Geodesium Stellar Collections, revved up to the next dimension.
10. Mo.B.Io's Trip Drums of doom propel you on an eternal twisting drop into the inferno on Jupiter's volcanic moon.
11. Deorbit Burn A techno trek to return you to the real world.