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Music from Infinity

More rockin' head-trip tracks from the fulldome eXtreme eXperience!

More than a sequel... far beyond the "Son Of..." Music from Infinity lights up the universe with raging energy and hard-hitting rhythms!

Following up on the 2010 album Music from SpacePark360, Geodesium takes you on an even wilder ride — Music from Infinity. More rockin' tracks crank up the tempo to create nine new sonic blasts. It's a delirious auditory thrill ride of epic proportions, a headlong cosmic rush to the planetary hot spots of the solar system and beyond.

Geodesium fans, beware! Music from Infinity is unlike the floating, ethereal planetarium space music you've heard on previous albums. For this one, you can crank the amp up to 11, and wail on your air guitar to these driving beats.

This energetic music comes from the fulldome thrill-ride project we worked on with Dome3D, now playing as SpacePark360: Infinity at finer dome theaters around the world. Music from Infinity features the soundtrack music mixed without the ride noise, crashes and sound effects.

Prepare for more exhilaration!

The professionally-replicated CD-R is provided in a poly-wrapped jewel case, with full-color cover, tray card and disc labeling.

1. Polar Vortex The glow of northern lights dances overhead as you careen across a windswept frozen Arctic wonderland.
2. New Frontiers A heroic anthem heralds the headlong race to space, blending the past into the future.
3. Moonshot With a reprise of stylistic music from an earlier era, robot explorers now crank out the jams of the modern world.
4. Temporal Anomalies Roll with the time breakers, swoop down into wormholes, flip out in space; take a hard-driving, trans-temporal trek!
5. Ramjet Pound your way across the depths of space with pile-driving pulsations of your ramjet pushing to warp speed!
6. Ion Drive A pulsating groove races in space, as we blast through the ring particles of Saturn.
7. Sitarnia A lush instrumental rendezvous with Rama, as sitars, wind chimes, modal melodies, and finger cymbals all resonate to the driving beat.
8. Alien Fallout Relentless military-esque, marching music tells the aural history of a civilization's doom.
9. Solar Fusion This fast-paced rocker slams hard through dizzying passages of keyboard and guitar runs, in homage to the fireworks of ELP.