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Arcturian Archives

A retrospective voyage through a revolution in technology for both space theaters and space music!

In 1980s and 1990s, Mark C. Petersen created some custom Geodesium music for some special planetarium shows — part system demos and part cosmic journey. The resulting soundtracks influenced his musical stylings in seminal ways, cementing in the minds of many his place as one of the top space music composers for domed theater shows.

This album captures the musical tenor of those times. The works contained on Arcturian Archives are full-fledged music projects created about the same time as West of the Galaxy and Fourth Universe — two of his most popular albums. Many of these tracks have never been heard before, outside of the few planetarium performances for which they were commissioned. And there are three elaborate renditions of popular orchestral works, given unique Geodesium sound stylings.

Bask in the music and immerse yourself in a special aural tour through the mists of time — Geodesium Arcturian Archives.

The commercially-pressed CD is provided in a shrink-wrapped jewel case, with full-color cover, tray card and disc labeling.

Digistar Suite One A 25-minute exploration of the digital cosmos.
1. Movement 1 An introductory fanfare leads us on a journey through stylistic soundscapes.
2. Movement 2 An extended variation on Voyager from Double Eclipse, bringing the vinyl LP track into the digital age.
3. Movement 3 Take a thrilling ride on a space shuttle, from launch to the International Space Station in low Earth orbit.
4. Movement 4 Dash through deep space, down a black hole into an alternate universe!
Digistar Suite Two A 12-minute musical melange of digital space scenery.
5. Movement 1 Sail away on a starry sojourn.
6. Movement 2 A twisty turn through the terrestrial and extra-terrestrial.
7. Flight From Infinity Two treks through inner and outer space — a soaring rush of a fantasy flight, followed by a noble and stately cello processional.
8. Kanon in D Pachelbel's greatest hit, with Geodesium sound stylings.
9. Pines of the Appian Way The Respighi favorite, in a compelling synthesizer orchestration.
10. Mars, the Bringer of War The Holst classic, a realization of the orchestral score with inspiration from the Emerson, Lake and Powell rock rendition and Tomita's synthesizer version.