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West of the Galaxy

West Of The Galaxy contains nine selections — just under an hour of original music — recorded from 1983 to 1987.

This album firmly establishes the space-music style and signature Geodesium sound. Airplay on radio shows such as "Music From The Hearts Of Space", "Music From The Global Village", "Musical Starstreams", "Echoes", and "Heartbeats" brought widespread interest and acclaim as listeners around the world were introduced to Mark's music.

Digital samplers and polyphonic synthesizers (not invented at the time of the previous albums!) bring a more modern, polished and sophisticated element to the nine all-original compositions featured on the album. Floating, ethereal selections mingle with up-tempo romps and dramatic anthems.

The commercially-pressed CD is provided in a spine-labeled, shrink-wrapped jewel case, with full-color cover, tray card and disc labeling.

1. The Grand Tour Rich sweeping chords and a distant recorder call the listener into the depths of space.
2. Zephyr Depicts stellar 'night life' and unbounded energy in this up-tempo rocker, featuring a lead melody reminiscent of Andreas Vollenweider.
3. The Ocean Of Space Harp arpeggios rippling through floating choral and string chords define the tides of space, and set the listener adrift in a cosmos of sound — quintessential space music.
4. Lightwaves Gives voice to the light which spans the galaxies and brings to our eyes the beauty of the universe; a dramatic, echoing tone poem, with constantly changing choirs, bells and percussion.
5. Sky Flight What a thrill it will be to leave the earth, on wings of music, for a trip to the stars!! Sky Flight is a happy, up-tempo romp, featuring soaring flute melodies over a sizzling percussion rhythm.
6. Probe Peaceful space music, urging us to explore ever further; a Bolero-esque bass sequence provides the drive, while pacific string and choir swells waft through.
7. West Of The Galaxy Somewhere in the universe is a planet with dramatic mountains, and beautiful skies. The night sky of this planet is graced with a dazzling sight — a nearby galaxy, spanning the sky in all its fiery beauty — slowly sinking into the azure western skies. Trail-riding space music features sparkling Rhodes piano, a melodious theme, and antiphonal piccolo trumpet.
8. Winter's Return A frozen planet winds its way around a small, dying star. No warmth glows from this star — and the planet plunges into an eternal ice age — its skies grey and snowy; windy and cold bowed-piano chords provide a bed for a haunting cello melody.
9. On To Orion At last! Men and women bid the Earth farewell as they head for the stars. This is their anthem — accompanying them on the beginning of their long journey. Rich, textured chords on an echoing hi-hat rhythm interweave with recorder and cello melodies.