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Lars the Little Polar Bear

Explore the changing Arctic landscape with a curious little polar bear!

Lars the Little Polar Bear offers a charming story about the adventures of a curious little bear and his friends, and explores the habitats of their real-life counterparts in the Arctic.

What happens when a frisky little polar bear named Lars ventures out on the first day of spring? He explores his Arctic home, meets new friends, and saves some endangered whales.

Lars the Little Polar Bear is the beloved star of a children's book "Little Polar Bear and the Whales" authored by Hans de Beer in 2008. It's the perfect basis for a fulldome show to teach young children about nature, climate change — and a little astronomy.

The first part of the show features illustrations from the book, enhanced by clever animations. Lars spends the first day of spring exploring near his home, discovering a ship wreck, and cavorting with a cormorant. Then, he makes friends with a group of beluga whales and a giant sperm whale.

When Lars learns that the whales are being hunted by a whaling ship, he finds a place for them to hide in a nearby bay. After the whalers leave, melting ice traps the whales in the bay. It's up to Lars to save them by coming up with a clever way to help them escape. The story ends with Lars and his friends making plans to meet again someday in the future.

After the show brings Lars's adventure story to life, it takes on a documentary flair, with a tour of the Arctic. We visit some of the animals who live there, through photographs taken by scientists on polar expeditions.

We learn about how real polar bears live, why they have small ears and tails, what they eat, and how the melting of Arctic sea ice is affecting their habitat.

A short star talk section introduces the Arctic night sky, the constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, as well as Polaris, the North Star, and the star patterns of the Big and Little Dipper.

Visually surrounded by icebergs as they explore Lars's home, children are touched by the beauty of the Arctic. Throughout the show, young audiences gain a positive appreciation of nature and learn that the polar bear's wonderful habitat is well worth preserving.

The Mediendom at Kiel, University of Applied Sciences; "Future Ocean" — Kiel Marine Sciences; and Loch Ness Productions are pleased to present this collaborative fulldome show combining nature and environmental education, a gentle introduction to climate change, and a touch of astronomy — with a targeted demographic of children in Preschool to Grade 2, yet presented in terms that audiences of all ages can easily understand and enjoy.

Lars the Little Polar Bear is a welcome addition to the still-growing collection of child-friendly fulldome content.

Imagery from NordSüd Verlag AG Zurich, and Sylvia Stevens, by permission.
Soundtrack music by Jens Fischer, by permission.
Running time: 26:42
Age level: Preschool-grade 2, and family audiences of all ages
Information about: Polar bears, whales, astronomy, climate change, environment, nature
Year of production: 2010 original, 2012 LNP version

The educational focus of Lars the Little Polar Bear is mainly in Life Sciences and Science in Personal and Social Perspectives. Specifically, audiences are provided information about the life cycles of polar bears, the environment where they and other organisms live, and basic information about their behaviors. In addition, properties of Earth regions and climates, as well as objects in the sky are presented. All these topics are woven throughout the program, and help relate the information presented in the show to the lives of students, families, and the general public.

Show content is relevant in the following subject areas:

Life Sciences
  • Characteristics of living organisms, organisms and environments

Science in Personal and Social Perspectives:
  • Objects in the sky; properties of Earth regions and climates

This show adheres to principles put forth in the National Academy of Sciences' Education Standards published in 1996. For more details, visit the NAS Standards Web site.

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