Light Echoes
from Geodesium Stella Novus

The majesty of Hubble imagery, choreographed to stellar Geodesium music!

Available as a free download

To celebrate and promote Stella Novus, we created a music video for Track 6, Light Echoes, and we're giving it away free to any fulldome theater who would like to run it.

If you run a fulldome theater, obviously we would like you to show it to your audiences. It's only five minutes long, so it can be presented as a short, either before the main feature or as dessert afterward.

Light Echoes has no license fee! We have rendered the show in many popular formats — just go to the Downloads page.

If downloading is not a viable option (for example, the movie files are too big for efficient downloading, and for theaters requiring frames to encode or slice their own movies), we can ship the fulldome show on a USB drive. There is a minimal cost for this, outlined on the Prices / USB Key page. The show is also available directly from selected fulldome vendors whose systems use proprietary encoding.

GENRE icon Running time: 5:13
Suitable for: General Public
Music: arranged, performed, and recorded by Geodesium
Imagery: Space Telescope Science Institute, starfields from DigitalSky
Video production by: Mark C. Petersen
Year of production: 2011

POSTER (1097 x 1491 pixels, ~1MB)

Movie poster