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A Gentle Rain Of Starlight

What music would you listen to while exploring the starry winter sky, enjoying the solitude of a star-filled night, drifting through space across lagoons of silver light, and having a romantic interlude under a distant sun?

All these soundscapes, and more, await the listener on A Gentle Rain Of Starlight, Mark C. Petersen's 2007 Geodesium release. These 13 evocative sound journeys were created for the rarefied atmosphere of the planetarium dome. Now, they soar free as soulful explorations of the stars. Fall in love with the cosmos all over again!

The commercially-pressed CD is provided in a shrink-wrapped jewel case, with full-color cover, tray card and disc labeling.

1. Winter Stars Sparkling, lyrical melody, song-like and sentimental.
2. Star Hop Bouncy, friendly, saucy, echoing bell tones and choral washes.
3. A Gentle Rain of Starlight

5:33 full version!
Light cascades of bell tones accent a developing choral and bass bed. Mellow, slightly melancholy melody with a touch of wonder and curiosity. Grandiose bridge.
4. Star Show Echoing guitar-like backdrop and bass sequence accompany a stately and deliberate melody.
5. Starfall Swooping arpeggiator glissandos highlight a simple choral motif and guitar finger picking; seeking in awe and wonderment.
6. Celestial Solitude Slightly somber, purposeful, sparkly yet tranquil. Echoing bell tones drift through deliberate strings and choral pads.
7. Outbound Bouncy, uptempo star-flight cruiser; a firm sense of purpose and grand direction.
8. The Alcor-Mizar Connection Minor motif bounces on hypnotic keyboard bells against an ever-changing rhythmic bass.
9. Horsehead Hideaway Happy, hammering bouncy guitar bass with approachable melody and cute marimba afterbeats.
10. Adrift Slow, timeless, resonant tones from bass up to treble, all floating in a star cluster.
11. Silver Lagoon Energetic, light sparkling splashes of waves and high echoing arpeggios with deep bass strokes.
12. Starlight Lullaby Evocative, gentle and quiet, restful. Delicate guitar and muted sirenesque melody.
13. A Cosmic Kiss Crystalline bell tones form rich, dreamy chords with sparkling keyboards and shivers of choral chords. A slow dance under the stars.

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Author and astronomer Michael J. West graciously gave us permission to borrow and adapt the title of his book for our album.

"A Gentle Rain of Starlight: The Story of Astronomy on Mauna Kea" is a fascinating tale of scientific discovery atop Mauna Kea, told through breathtaking photographs and captivating commentary. We heartily recommend it!
Michael Gallegos gallery on deviantART Artist Michael Gallegos graciously gave us permission to borrow and adapt his artwork for our album.

Check out his gallery on deviantART to buy prints and posters!