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Underwater Fantasy

The sea calls to us — beckoning us to dive beneath the waves!

Underwater Fantasy takes you on a hypnotic visit with the denizens of the coral reef, the ancient home of many of Earth's most fascinating life forms.

movie frameBeneath the waves of Earth's ocean lies a universe where humans are the aliens — the realm of the coral reefs.

In this fantastic three-part journey, LivinGlobe filmmaker Harald Singer embarks on a gentle journey of discovery through one of the most beautiful and magical realms on our planet, and introduces audiences to the different realms of life that inhabit the coral reefs.

Underwater Fantasy is shot in HD, artistically enhanced to fill the hemisphere of the dome. There is no narration — just soothing music that evokes an aural impression of life under the waves.

It features nearly 48 minutes of underwater footage. Each of the three segments is provided as a 17-minute stand-alone short. The segments are also blended together to provide an additional 48-minute full-length feature. All are included in the show package.

movie framePart 1: Beneath the Waves to the Reef

The first segment gives audiences a gentle and relaxing introduction to the foundation of the reef -- the fantastic corals that provide the basic structure of this fragile environment. We are accompanied by Ai Futaki, one of the world's most experienced free divers. She holds the world record for diving in an underwater cave on only one breath. As she swims in and out of our view, she becomes one with the environment we are visiting.

In the course of 17 minutes, we get a full introduction to the reef and the many life forms that call it home: sponges, anemones, the corals of all shapes and sizes, small fish, worms, eels, and so much more! As they wave gently with the current, we float just above and below the corals — a relaxing way to get to know this realm of life that is so near — but hidden away beneath the surface of the water.

movie framePart 2: The Realm of the Fish

In the second segment of this incredible journey, schools of fish swarm the waters. The inhabit a special niche in the ocean environment, as predators on smaller animals and plants, and as food sources for larger ocean life. As such, they have evolved the complex swarming behaviors to protect their young and ensure the survival of their species, all while moving to the ancient rhythms of the oceans and responding lazily with a visitor from beyond the surface of the waves.

movie framePart 3: Swim With the Turtle

In part three, explore the ocean bottom with the "old men" of the sea, giant turtles that call the reef home. Nearly anyone who has snorkeled the reefs has seen these gentle giants, whose ancestors first roamed the oceans during the age of the dinosaurs. These ancient reptiles bridge the gap between the sea where they live and the land where they lay their eggs in hopes of ensuring the survival of their species for millions more years.

As this segment ends, we bid goodbye to the sea and watch as our turtle escort continues on its way to the depths of its ocean home.

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Running time: 48:35 full show; and three ~17 minute parts
Suitable for: General Public
Information about: coral reefs, underwater environment
Year of production: 2016

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