Dream To Fly

"This may become to fulldome movies what 'To Fly!' was to IMAX in 1976 — a breakthrough!"

Have you ever dreamt you were flying?

frame grabSince the beginning of history, people have dreamed of flying. Tales of mythical dragon flights thrilled ancient dreamers. Storytellers wove airy fantasies of magic carpet rides. Leonardo da Vinci stoked the dreams of flight with his fantastic drawings and through his eyes, we learned to look to nature for the secrets of flight.

frame grabWhen Montgolfier took to the skies in a balloon, the dream finally became reality. The Wright Brothers swept us up to the sky and started a revolution. It wasn't long before our immense and challenging dreams of soaring through the air became an everyday occurence.

Dream To Fly is a poetic and touching story of aviation development through the ages. It presents the significant milestones on our route to conquering the skies — both in terms of technological breakthroughs, as well as our perceptions of flying itself.

frame grabThe production team at the Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium use gorgeous fulldome visuals, a full orchestral score composed specifically for the show, and an elegant, tinge-of-the-exotic narration by one of Poland's leading stage and screen actors, Danuta Stenka, to make Dream To Fly an emotional, exceptional and unforgettable experience. The attention to detail can be seen in the show's climatic WWII aerial battle; aviation enthusiasts will thrill to see how carefully the HOC animators modeled the actual aircraft flown in the dogfights.

frame grabOpen your audience's hearts and minds to new ideas about flight, and learn how generations of dreamers pursued the ancient impulse that has taken us from the ground to the stars.

Take your audiences on an incredible journey to live the dream — the Dream To Fly!

GENRE icon Running time: 35, 26 minutes
Suitable for: General public
Information about: History of flight
Year of production: 2013
Long version available in 3D stereo

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