Version 1.1 for After Effects 6.5 through CS4
Version 2.0 for After Effects CS5 and later

DomeXFTM by Sky-Skan

Create dome masters for fulldome movies in Adobe After Effects for Windows

DomeXF screen capturePlanetarium and fulldome artists can now create a virtual dome space in an After Effects composition. DomeXF digitally transforms images by adjusting for dome curvature, allowing for the output and rendering of dome masters. Each transformation provides the user the ability to add layers of content, each distorted accordingly for the dome. This plug-in streamlines the powerful video compositing tools of Adobe After Effects (Windows only).

Transformation = the XF in DomeXF

Currently, the DomeXF plug-in has three dome transformation modes: standard, panoramic and fisheye.

• Standard transformations give the artist the ability to represent true geometry on the dome allowing the composite layer to appear flat and undistorted.

• Panoramic transformations force the bottom of the composite layer to align with the horizon, even when resized.

• Fisheye transformations give the composite layer depth, akin to the traditional all-sky transformation.

DomeXF screen capture Interface

DomeXF utilizes the standard After Effects plug-in structure so there aren't any awkward windows or controls to work with. Simply make your adjustments by means of sliders and instantly see their effects.

Previewing Animations
Because DomeXF is an After Effects plug-in, the production process is simplified due to the ability to preview footage prior to rendering. Fine tuning and editing of your assets can be done on the fly without rendering test footage.

Dome Masters
Exporting dome master files for distribution or still frame all-skies has never been easier. By utilizing DomeXF and exporting frame sequences through After Effects, creating a dome master is now a simple rendering process.

DomeXF 1.1 is a 32-bit application; it also works on XP-64, Vista, and Windows 7 platforms. However, since After Effects CS5 (and later versions) requires a 64-bit version of Windows, the 64-bit DomeXF 2.0 is required for that OS.

• Both DomeXF 2.0 and DomeXF 1.1 installers are provided. However, the customer will need to decide which version to use, because only one access code is provided per license. Sky-Skan does provide new access codes in the event that computers are reconfigured or replaced, as long as DomeXF is installed on only one PC per license.

DomeXF 1.1 is not being developed further; any future changes and feature additions will appear only in DomeXF 2.0 and later.

• Sky-Skan has made no trial version of DomeXF available.

• Sky-Skan has no plans to develop a Mac OS version of DomeXF.

DomeXF is an encryptyed piece of software, and uses a "call/response" form of copy protection. It requires a one-time software activation before its first use after installation. The software generates a unique user ID code (the "call") based on the user's computer configuration. The user is prompted to enter a valid access code (the "response") based on this user ID; without it, the plug-in will not function.

To obtain the required access code, the user ID code must be provided to Sky-Skan. Sky-Skan can be contacted by e-mail, fax, or phone during normal business hours, 9:00 - 5:00 Eastern Time (GMT -05:00). They promise to respond to all access code requests within 24 hours of the next business day.

After a valid access code has been entered, the software will run on the identified computer without further call/response challenges. The call/response codes are based on a computer's unique configuration, since the software is intended to be installed on only one computer. Changes to a computer's configuration or re-installation on a different computer may require another access code from Sky-Skan.

Loch Ness Productions cannot provide activation codes. Customers will need to contact Sky-Skan directly.

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DomeXF is a trademarked product of Sky-Skan, Inc. Windows, Adobe, After Effects, et. al., are trademarks of their respective companies.